Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WOW How time Flies...

I am real sorry it has been a while since I last posted. Like the title says. Wow time flies!!!!! It seems that we just entered the dog days of summer, and now I am writing this as fall slowly creeps up to us. Well you ask what has the Big Ape been up to that has taken him away from his blogging duties? Well I am currently in the throws of starting a company. That has taken a lot of my time. I have done a few projects that have been supplements to my crazy days. You really have to check this out She is an awesome artist, a person I glad to call a friend. I think that I can officially say that I have adopted her as a member of the jungle, so if you have a problem with her you have have to go through the whole jungle to get to her!!!!! Just kidding Sue... If the truth be known she probably could kick your ass better then the old ape could. Anyway if you are ever in Medicine Hat you must swing by Tattoo-U on Dunmore rd., and tell her the Suburban Gorilla sent you. She will treat you right I promise. That is a iron clad Banana promise. hehehehehe I also attended the Provincial HOG rally a few weeks ago. That is one of the best times I have had with my clothes on for a while. Over 600 Harley's all in the same place... EEEEEEERRRRRRRR there is my primal grunt for the day. As my old Grandma would say....I would point out: "look at all those bikes, and she would reply look at all those leather clad Men....." You have to luv Grandma now don't we!!!! I want to apologize to any of the members that have came to the site and did not see the pics posted . I have had some technical difficulties with this project , but I assure you it is very close to be being finished. There is about 175 pics that will be posted in a web album for everyone to look at, and if anybody sees anything that they like they are more then welcome to them. I tried to get as many close up shots of different groups that I could. Anyway I have more banana's to go pick so I better swing back through the jungle.
So until next time remember:

Many a man who falls in love with a dimple make the mistake of marrying the whole girl.
- Evan Esar

Cheers From
The Suburban Gorilla

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