Monday, December 31, 2007

Ready for Take Off

Well we are in the final countdown to the big launch! It is just a matter of a few weeks now I hope, and another company will be born in the business world. YES FOLKS I am taking the mighty plunge in the big bad world of business! That is the reason the posts have been quite since September. I am like any other primate in the jungle. I am not real good at multitasking these days. It has been a bit of a learning curve as of late, but I always say education is never wasted... not even on a primate like me!!!

Well the festive season has come and went. I hope you got what you were looking for from Santa! Contrary to popular belief I did make the good list, so as usual I made out like a bandit! Don't get me wrong the gifts are awesome, but I guess I am showing my age a bit. Christmas for me is about kids. For the adults I think that it is about having a good meal doing some visiting and being kind to fellowman.

As we count down the last few hours till 2008 I would like to thank you for the readership of 2007 and hope that you continue to pop in on occasion in 2008. Remember the jungle is all about you! From The Official Zoo Trainer that keeps me in line and safe in my cage. Mel and I would like to wish each and every one of you a Very Happy New Year and all the best in 2008.

About the time we think we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.

- Herbert Hoover


From The Big Ape

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