Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bits and Bites

Well I think I have finally solved my identity crisis. I was looking for a new writing title and 400LB Gorilla is beginning to be a bit of a stretch. As time continues I hope for it to be the 300LB Gorilla Etc. so I found that name not so appropriate any further. Then I thought of the mad monkey. Well that is the title of the blog and I am kind of mad, but I am more of a gorilla figure then a monkey. I was watching television last weekend and the name Suburban Gorilla was advertised. BINGO it fits so my new writing name is the Suburban Gorilla. So any thing that you see posted from the Suburban Gorilla is the old 400LB Gorilla so it will be safe to open if you get something in email.

Has it been hot or what this week? I have been sweating harder then Mike Tyson at a spelling bee... GRIN This past Friday we got to about 40 degrees in the shade. That made it about 44 in the house. Now we had the air conditioner installed in the bedroom, but not in the living room yet so needless to say we retreated to the bedroom for the day just to survive. For all you folks that either do not work in metric or just understand Fahrenheit better 44 degrees is about:

111.2 degrees Fahrenheit

All I know it is too damn hot for this ape. I can truly understand how people in the USA perish in the heat in the warmer states!!

With the warm usually comes terrible weather. You know hail, damaging rains, tornado's. Well as predicted we did get that also. Enclosed you will see damage of some homes about 65 miles to the west of us . Some good friends have children that live in Brooks, and we also have friends and relatives that also live there. Here is some of the devastation they received from large hail and possibly a tornado that moved through this area on Friday June 29, 2007.

Then there was the devastation in Elie, Manitoba.

It really makes we has humans feel pretty small against the force of Mother Nature doesn't it? I will post some more pictures of the storm that moved through the Creston B.C. area that destroyed a very good friends camp at Moye lake. When I see stuff like this I just thank my lucky stars that I never had to experience something like this first hand. The only positive situation in all this is as far as I know there was no tragic ends to peoples lives. As tough as it may be at the time material items can be replaced, lives cannot!!!

Well I have some to pass on that I found absolutely astonishing that thieves would stoop to this level. We all know criminals are generally lazy, because if they had any ambition at all they would get a job and earn their money honestly. Anyway this email was passed on to me and I feel obligated to inform you of this. I tried this first hand yesterday, and believe it or not it worked just as the email states. The parts person did not even ask for any identification or anything!!! All I can say if you are a confidante talker I am beginning to believe you can get what ever you want in this world including someones vehicle with no questions asked.

What will car thieves think of next???????

Edmonton Police Service
Co-operative Policing/Merchant Crime Alert
Program 9620-103A Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta Phone Number (780) 421-3545

Seems that car thieves have found yet another way to steal your car or truck without any effort at all.

The car thieves peer through the windshield of your car or truck, write down the VIN from the label on the dash, go to the local car dealership and request a duplicate key based on the VIN #.

I didn't believe this e-mail, so I called a friend at Chrysler Dodge and pretended I had lost my keys. They told me to just bring in the VIN#, and they would cut me one on the spot, and I could order the keyless device if I wanted. The Car Dealer's Parts Department will make a duplicate key from the VIN #, and collect payment from the thief, who will return to your car. He doesn't have to break in, do any damage to the vehicle, or draw attention to himself. All he has to do is
walk up to your car, insert the key and off he goes to a local Chop Shop with your vehicle.

Avoid this put some duct tape strip over the Vin Number so that they can't see the number. Do this from the inside of the vehicle.

Scott Hobbs, Calgary Police Service.

WOW is all I can say to that!!! Pretty soon thieves are going to be able to steal our houses with us living in them and we will be none the wiser. I better not speak to loudly or this may happen next!

Well I think I have taken up enough of your time for today so I will swing back to the Jungle and take care of some house chores before the Boss gets home.

Until next time
Cheers from the Suburban Gorilla

Don't forget:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a rich widow.
- Evan Esar


corinne said...

hey - just me! reading your site - got a lotta reading ahead of me i see - lol

corinne said...

seriously - they were actually miniature horses for the 1 o'clock race, at 2 the Pro Chuckwagon racing began. the first and third pictures are the "mini's" (see how tiny the wagons are compared to the parkers countrywide and taste of honey wagons which are the Pro's.