Thursday, March 15, 2007


Hey Folks I would like to welcome everyone to the new site. You are probably asking why did he move again? Well I was always looking for the ultimate Blog site to produce my ramblings, and up until now I have never been completely satisfied. WELL I hope this time I should stay put. I have run some trials, and it seems to work just as I want it to. Until they change it or something...grin... Anyway the changes was mostly behind the scenes, and the name for the most part. I am listed as The Mad Monkey Blog. I will still pen under the 400LB Gorilla it just makes it easier for me so to speak. Stuff that probably would not interest you as a reader, but makes my life a whole lot simpler is what actually changed. Believe me simple is good for me right now...LOL Well I hope you still continue to enjoy what I am rambling about , and there should be an actual informative posting real soon. I have been real busy looking for a new cage to call home. Most of you know the reason why, I am sure. If you don't email me and I will explain. Anyway I hope this finds everyone well. In the future you can have the privilege or misfortune LOL to view more pics or any pics on this site. Mostly my creative work I hope!

Until next time remember: It's National Chili Week! Which makes next week National
Stay Indoors Week.

From the 400LB Gorilla

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