Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Candy Ass Of The Year Award Goes To????

Well I know it is still early in the year, but after reading this story our Federal Government namely our Prime Minister wins this award even if it means giving more then one this year!!!!! I cannot believe that our PM can be this narrow minded just because he is afraid of pissing off our Bully of a cousin to the south. What am I speaking of you ask? This head line; "B.C. injection site risks offending world" This statement truly tells me that our government has lost its true common sense to help those with addiction problems.

I ask you would you rather have some junky shoot up in a safe place away from your kids or go to the nearest school yard, and leave their rigs and mess behind to possibly infect our children at play. Most people get it! Why is it the Government can't comprehend this concept. It is a proven fact that Insite actually saves lives. Just because Harper is trying to keep the peace with the up and comers he sides with George W on this one. Just because Junkies do not vote he does not care what happens to them is the bottom line. Just remember that addiction is a disease just like cancer or heart disease. I have always said that the only projects that government officials take on are ones that affect them personally. I guarantee if Mr. Harper's Son or daughter had an addiction problem there would be top priority on this matter.

I think it is time to start speaking with votes. I am not sure if people realize that when you vote you only have to vote for the people that you feel will do the proper job. One does not have to vote for all the area's of interest. We need to start supporting just the people that support our interests. Maybe then in our conservative country something would get accomplished rather then people getting in just because there was nobody to do a proper job. The European countries get it, and embrace places like this to help aid the situation. They save lives rather then turn a blind eye to the problem, and stick their heads in the sand. We have a provincial agency that deals with addiction in our province that gets upwards of 13 or so million dollars a year to help deal with addictions. Why is it that Alberta has one of the highest rates of addiction in the country then? I will answer that... people will not quit drugs or stop their destructive behavior until they are ready. Throwing money at a cause is not going to make it go away PEOPLE. I know that, you know that, why is it then that the Government does not understand this concept? Hell the head of that said agency was arrested late last year for embezzlement from his own agency. Get this, it was to fund his gambling addiction. GO FIGURE!!!!!! I think we need to start contacting our members of government on all levels and ask why? Why are you not supporting an initiative like this? Why can't we as a province or country lead by example rather then try and be a follower on topics that could make a difference. As the old saying goes; "God Hates A Coward!!!"

Like prostitution, drugs are not going to go away. Why does the government not grab a clue, and tax this stuff? Lets get a better handle on drugs. Hey look at the money they could make off this stuff through taxes!!!! People are going to do drugs, and participate in destructive behavior whether it is legal or not. So lets try and keep it safe as possible. Try and re-educate people of the harm. Rather then stick our heads in the sand, and say not in my back yard! Maybe if we ignore it long enough it will just go away! NOT!!!!!!! I do realize these places cannot be put in populated areas, but their is warehouse districts, and downtown cores. For the most part the people that do this type of activity are generally on living in suburbia anyway.

That is just my opinion and I may be wrong!!!
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