Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Well as we dust off ourselves from 2010 and ring 2011 in the Grumpy old Monkey and The Trainer hope you had a great festive season! If you did not well lets look at 2011 and say well lets bring it in with a bang! Hoist a few for me until you feel that it has been great. As usual Santa smiled very graciously upon me and the zoo trainer. We are very lucky at best.

I would like to shift gears a bit and bring up a point that you may or may not know is a soft spot in the old apes heart. I long for the day to dust my pipes off and be back on the old radio. who knows whether this will ever see a dream come true, but I did see a good will story on the news this morning that I felt I just compelled to share with you. There was a homeless guy in New York who was standing on the street corner that said he would work with his voice. When you heard this guy speak he had the golden tones of deep bass of Oak Ridge Boys. You know the guy I mean he just gave shivers down your spine. Well someone did pick him up and they they offered him a job and did I mention he was a recovering addict? So now he is involved with one of the big radio stations which broadcasts both the base ball, and basketball games. So I guess you can say as long as he does not let his stardom go to his head he will be fine. His one wish was make it back to see his Mothers nursing Home and visit her before she passes. So hopefully that can be achieved.

So where are you with your resolutions of the new year? Personally I do not make resolutions if I want to do something I do not wait until January 1st to do it. It is known that 20% of the resolutions are already on the ropes, and by months end 80% are cast aside for another year. I am more of a goal orientated person so if it is broken then you pick yourself up dust yourself off and start again and hope we go a bit farther.

So I have a little tid bit to share with you. I let my hair grow again. Now I am not saying how far this is going, but I would like to not cut it for a length of time along with my goatee. Now I have to take meds to counteract my hair as I allergic to my own hair have been since I was about 18, but I have known as i have got older it is more prominent. So I figure I am taking meds anyway so what is a couple more here and

Well I just wanted to send a shout out out, and scream the top of my lungs I love you! 21 years on January 5th Mellody give into my wild monkey business! Then it became sweet monkey love!!! So it will be 16 years of wedded bliss. Wow we have been together a long time! You know if I would have committed a crime rather then got married I would almost be ready for 25 year release....Just kidding my love you are the best thing that happened to me. I have so married up!!! I am sure Mellody could have done better, I think she is stuck with me now!

Well I think it is time for me to wonder back in to the jungle for another day. Remember here is a great winter tip no matter how thirsty you are it is not mountain dew DON`t eat the yellow snow!

until next time.......

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