Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ok With The Snow Already!

You know it is funny when we live in Southern Alberta and we need to get around with dog sled or skidoo. We live in the banana belt where it is warm and balmy where Chinook's are some what of the norm. I have lived in Southern Alberta my 43 years and never in my life have I seen out trans-Atlantic hi-way closed for 2 days leaving drifts of one story in some of the curves of the road. The Mountain passes have been closed on an on going bases because of avalanche concerns. Not to mention the concerns we are going to have when all this snow decides it is going to melt in the spring. Mother nature is really challenging our public works department to get the proper plow job done before we are able to dig our precious 4 wheeled rolling companions out of that snow drift at the end of our street.

So Snow takes a beating on local buildings. 2 flat roofs on two buildings have recently been the demise in our city. It just goes to show you flat roofs are not the answer for today's construction. Thankfully in both cases neither building had people in it so no one was hurt. One was a Teen Club House the other was just storage. It will be determined whether they will rebuild again as it is in flood plain.

Well as the sun sets on the snow banks of the north I the Big Ape of the North better known as the Silver Back of the 49th bid you farewell once more.......

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