Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where would you be without technology?

I have a lot of time on my hands as of late.  I got thinking, where would I be without the technology that I have today?  What did we do without cell phones, computers, PDA’s, GPS’s, you get the idea.  On occasion I will take a time were I go unplugged. What is that you ask?  I shut off all my electronics, and vow I will leave them off for about 48 hours. The truth be known that is all the time I can go before I go into total technology deprivation.  How long can you go without getting caught up in the rat race of electronics? Now I know phones and PDA’s or even computers are a common place in our jobs.  Even when we have the  occasion  to get away from our electronic tethers we insist to still keep them at out finger tips.  Why is that? Why can we not walk away from our gadgets?  What makes our time any different now then  yester year?  Is our time any better then say the time of say 20 years ago? Some would say technology is a must; others might disagree with you, and think the advancement of time has  been made worse by the technological advancement.  I feel that we needed the advancement of technology, but I think we need to add a caveat that we need to take a break from our gadgets.  Enjoy our families, go out into the outdoors. Enjoy our lives away from little screens, alarms, and synthetic voices .  I encourage you right after you read this to take the rest of the day, and take a loved one or your child out, and go spend the rest of the day without  technology.  Go for a walk, ride a bike,  go for a drive in the country without a GPS.  Just remember not to stay away too long it makes a lot of work to get caught back up with your email…smile

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From the big Ape :-)

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