Monday, May 17, 2010

What a ride it has been!

Well as the title depicts it has been a very interesting ride.  Now there is no point to apologize for my tardiness.  It is what it is.  I have been in the hospital for a few weeks.  As the doctor explained to me at one point I was knocking on heavens door.  I have come to the conclusion though the devil is scared of me, and the good lord does not know where my place is in the big house yet.  So I was sent back to stir the pot some more! Lol   Now the electronic gods seem to be messing with me also. They say every thing happens in threes.  Well I just had the third piece of electronics pack it in.  First a nurse dropped my laptop in the hospital. All I got was a sorry I am sure it will be alright though. Ya right she toasted the board.  Not that I was thinking of getting a new computer for work, but it was not meant to happen like this.  Then a few weeks later my blackberry decided to pack it in. Now wife comes home this afternoon and tell me the truck air conditioner has decided to pack it in. Well I up graded my computer. I took a chance on the android phones by Google.  as for my air conditioner well I have a parts truck so I think my AC is coming from the donor truck.  Well as for the weight loss I have lost 57 LBS since March so I guess counting those calories have been all the effort. Anyway I guess this crusty old monkey has got you back up to speed on everything at the zoo. Well baring anymore trips to the vet clinic or the animal hospital you should be hearing from me again soon.

Until then

Cheers from the mad monkey :-)  

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Angie Nikoleychuk said...

So, so, so, so glad to see you're feeling better and wandering around a bit. We were all so very worried about you.

Looking forward to seeing you around a bit more!