Sunday, September 20, 2009

So You Can Teach Old Apes New Tricks!

Well it has been a bit since I last posted. I apologize, but the Old Ape has been on a mission. It does not seem to matter how old I get I am still learning! I have discovered that is a good thing. What is stimulating the brain cells of this old primate you ask? Well I have found the secret to life. Now before you go calling the closest nut busters it is true. Now what is the secret to life you ask? Eat right and live long! It is that simple. Now for some that is a no brainier. As you may or may not know I struggle with the battle of obesity. Hence the title the 500lb gorilla. Now whether I weigh 500lbs or 25lbs, it is also about heart. Regardless of the size of the monkey I will always have a huge heart. Well I have started a mission that is not going to be an easy adventure, but if you are interested it could be colorful. I am going to allow you to join me in the quest of slim living. I had an ah ha moment when I was attending some classes in Edmonton Alberta at the first of the September. I was welcomed to attend this program, now I sit back and wait and for my chance to meet with the head of the organization. I feel like a junior waiting to see if I am good enough to move up to senior status. Now along the process you have to take some classes in order to get in. Now there is 8 classes. The first one is mandatory. The other 7 are strongly suggested, but you don't have to take them. Now I have always been a proponent that no education is time wasted. Join me if you will in the coming months as I invite you to follow along with me as to how this crazy adventure is ironed out. So the majority of my posts in the coming weeks will reflect my adventures in the huge battle I will wage against the mighty demon of obesity!

Obesity is disease not a condition! So many people me included treat obesity all wrong. All I have to do is get these 40 pounds off and life will be golden. Exercise more, and cut back at the table. Refrain from the coffee time munchies, and quick as you can say Bob is your uncle those 40 pounds will melt off like an ice cream cone on the 4th of July. Well I am here to say ladies and gentleman it is simply not that easy! That is the problem in today's society everybody is looking for the easy button. Push the button, and a big cloud of smoke, and out of no were you are 50lbs lighter. I have learned that is the problem I have been looking for the easy button far too long. The easy button is broken. It is time to rewire the diagram for better living.

The big picture of obesity. A fantastic lady with the first name of Pat explained obesity like this. We were asked if any one of us contracted cancer, heart problems or diabetes we would look after the condition. Now ladies and gentleman the point we are missing is obesity too is a disease so lets treat it accordingly. That was a real ah ha moment for this old ape. I was arrogant in my thought process that I could do it on my own and just go on with my life as I knew it. Well that day never came, and would yo yo diet losing and gaining for some 35 years. For every pound I have lost I have gained them back with probably every pound back with an extra 10 or 15 to add as a token investment.

Well The plan is in place. The map has been drawn. The path with the least resistance has been forged. I have a mission 2 lbs a week for ever after. I have been engaged in the process for the past 2 weeks. 4 lbs later and we are on the road to a slim lifestyle. Hang on I am sure it is going to be a bumpy road, but none the less and interesting one at the end of the day.

Until next time remember Confucius says: Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.

From the slightly slimmer old ape.


suZen said...

Congrats on having a plan in place! And you're right, we are always and forever looking for the Easy button for everything, not just weight issues. Pop a pill - make the drug companies richer, right? Oh don't get me started on THAT one!

Anyway, I don't know if you get the TV show Biggest Loser where you live? You can find it on line. I am a fan of the show because it shows what people can do when they are truly committed to a program. The transformations that take place are fabulous - it is all about the human spirit. It is uplifting watching people triumph! This season they have several people over 400lbs. You won't recognize them at the end of the show! I love it! I think they have programs for weight loss available on line as well.

I will love you no matter what comes off! Big hugs of encouragement and support - always!

Anonymous said...

Ok was just wondering, they say that obesity is a disease and so is being an alcoholic right??? So is being addicted to meth, cocaine, heroin, crack,pot, cigarettes and sex. This is good news for me, I can eat whatever I want, drink all day, smoke whatever I want and have sex with whom ever I want and I am not responsible for it cause I have a disease. No different than if I am a diabetic or have heart disease or cancer, I have a disease and did not ask for any of them.

just "my opinion"