Thursday, October 8, 2009

Success Continues

Well I would like to say I was honestly missed. I received a message the other day asking how my qwest was going. Yes it has been a bit since I last posted. I am just caught up in this whole new world of food. Now instead of making my life about eating all the time. I am now taking my time and exploring how food can work for me. Exploring new receipts, finding new food combinations. Based on my formula it creates new opporitunities. I was just thinking I keep talking about this formula like everyone knows it. Actually chances are you have probably seen it, and just never paid it any mind as it is just the Canada Food Guide Serving suggestions.
Here is my new found wisdom:

2 fruits and or vegtables 1 serving equals one piece of fruit or 1/2 cup frozen
2 grains that could equal 3/4 cup of hot or cold cereal and a piece of toast or two pieces of toast
1 8oz glass of milk perferably 1% or 1.5oz of cheese or a yogurt cup
1 meat or alternative This could be two eggs, 2 tblsp of peanut butter or 2.5oz of meat

AM Snack
1 fruit or vegtable or 8oz glass of v-8 or tomato juice
1 grain product

2 fruits and or vegtables
2 grain products
1 milk or alternative
1 meat or alternative equaling as close to 2.5 oz then you can get

PM Snack
1 fruit or vegtable
1 grain product

2 Fruits and or vegtables
2 grain products
1 milk or alternative
2.5 oz of meat or appropriate alternative

Bed time snack
1 friut or vegtable

Things that you might not know. Consider potatos as vetables.
Weigh and measure to get portions.

I think the biggest thing that I had a huge learning curve on was weighing the food. I had what they call porportion distortion. Refer to the Canada food guide if you have any questions. Also it would not be a bad idea to get involved with your local dietian at your health center. Generally their services are free. You may need a doctor referal. If you are finding you don't want the snacks between meals then it is a no brainer don't eat them. As I found I actually was eating more food through out the day. It was different or better food, of course you cut out the sweets and the biggest thing for me as I mentioned before is the portion size. Alot of times I can say I was eating portion sizes of a small family.

Well I am proud to announce that this does work as I have lost 5lbs in two weeks. Now you might say that is not very much weight. Remember this, slow and steady will keep it off. You should not be losing much more then 2LBS a week. Now the first week or so you might lose a bit more because of water weight. So after a month I am down 9LBS. I have got a long walk in this journey, but I have to remember, It took me 42 years to put it on, it is going to take me more then a few weeks to take it off.

Until next time remember,in the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

Cheers from the Big Ape....

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suZen said...

YAY for your weight loss! Great job!!!! You are so right about the smaller increments being wayyyy more meaningful - it should come off like it went on, over time. Listen to me, haha, like I'm a diet mavin now. I have had a few diets in my day tho, and I absolutely HATE the scale. I'm not a numbers person. Not fond of the number of YEARS either, haha! The only numbers I'll ever love are the winning lottery ones - they elude me!

I'd forgotten it was Thanksgiving in Canada! So Happy Thanksgiving! I just made a turkey breast on Friday. Maybe somehow I knew??? It'd be one of those woo-woo things, ha!

Your quote at the end cracked me up! Thanks for a really good laugh!