Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ponder Points

Well Summer is in full swing. What have you been doing to pass the time? Holidays, beach visits, camping, picnics? What ever you have been doing I hope it has been enjoyable. It is hard to travel too far with these incredible fuel prices. Some summer habits have changed I am sure with fuel prices at 1.39 a liter and diesel at 1.48. Wow I think it is all time we either do a public revolution to the gas manufactures or all start driving mopeds or something. That reminds me of a joke about mopeds. What do fat people and mopeds have in common? They are both fun to ride but you do not want your friends to see you with them. ( Now if you know me I can tell that joke honestly. If we can not laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at?) I digress... It is all supply and demand. When people stop buying then the price I think will go down. If it is that high now what is it going to be this winter when we really need our vehicles? 1.60 - 1.80 a liter I know bite my tongue!

Mother nature must be major PMSing these days? Some really wild weather these days. They say if you don't like the weather in Southern Alberta stay 10 minutes it will change. Lately that has not been that far off the mark. Where can you start your day in shorts have to don a rain suit by mid afternoon tea, and then have to dig out your parka for after supper. Well they did that in Calgary last thursday or friday last week. When has been raining lately it is not a little sprinkle, it is a ground pounder with flooding to follow at lot of the time. So what about that globle warming? :-)

Only in Canada you say! How can it be that a public corperation like the CBC can pooch the idea of losing the rights to the national hockey Saturday night in Canada theme song, and then turn around and use our tax dollars to spend to have one of us Canadians to create a new one. We can win $100,000 and the braging rights that you are the great guy or gal that bailed the CBC's ass out, because if they would have had one eye and a half a brain they would have not lost the orginal theme to begin with. So all you musical types go ahead and create something that the wise ones in Ottawa take a shining too, and maybe win some jingle in your pockets to spend on that extra gas you used this summer! Lets face it Ottawa suits are like monkeys they like anything that is shiney and new. Go to CBC and check out the details.
For what it is worth this link works, but the link you are asked to send your submissions to is not working right now. I am not sure if it is just a server issue or the link is actually broken. Either way I will leave it to you for your expertise to figure out or contact CBC to get the new address.

Anyway that is it for today...

Stay safe and remember be kind to your web footed friends as a duck maybe someone's mother...

From The Big Ape

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