Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well The courts have finally done it!!!

You know there comes a point in life when you thought you had read it all. Well I think that today was that day for me. I could not believe my eyes when I opened up my daily news and in the same news group I find three count them THREE stories about the courts have officially over ruled common sense. That is what is wrong with this country today. The Government gets too involved in this country. I am beginning to think we have gone communist and someone forgot to inform me! Socialist government I could have maybe swallowed, but communism has gone too far! The problem is what do we do about it? Another revolution???? Maybe... The thing about that is the Government has tried very hard to take our guns from us so what are we going to use pitch forks and rakes? You know the reason that they are implementing the gun laws don't you? The government does not want to look so bad when the general population finds out that Joe public has better weaponry then our Military. They try to say it is to make things safer... Bull Pucky We have proven that these laws only make criminals out of honest people not the ones that are actually preforming the crimes. Now I kind of got off on a tangent there. Lets get to the stories that kind of twisted my knickers today.

Bill could charge parents who spank!
Have you ever heard such a stupid waste of the taxpayers dollars at work? The wizenheimer that decided it was his day to make his job worth while really thought long and hard on that one didn't he? We all know that this country is messed up now. If this actually gets made legeslation I guess it will further clog our courts faster then your uncle Joe's arteries reaching for that extra piece of fried chicken at your next family picnic. Now the only thing we can hope for is the kids have a bit more respect for you then that to actually push the envelope on this one. At least we can always hope anyway.

Twist number two....
Court Quashes dad's grounding of 12 year old daughter!
Hello if we cannot spank them and we cannot ground them what the HELL are we supposed to the little darlings? This is a huge smack in the face to parents as a whole, and people wonder why I chose not to have children! Now I am not stupid enough to think that this is more of a divorce custody battle, but then again if one does this and gets away with this what is next? They say you give a snail an inch and he takes a mile then what? I am so wound up over this one I can't even write anymore on this one other then DAMN I am glad I do not have children!

Final Twist...
Psychic's vision sets off sex-abuse probe...
I really am not sure what to think of this one. Sex-abuse is a very serious allegation. I feel that things need to be followed up on this subject, BUT before you get your hair in a bun I am not sure that family services should have been brought in until this was a bit further investigated. I know from working in the system as a councellor and teachers assistant. If you cry wolf you better be DAMN sure that it is really a wolf! As these type of allegations can ruin people! Now I am sure there were some tense moments for a few minutes, but when one actually explores this for what it is. I feel there is not a just cause to follow up on this. If that is the case my crazy aunt Abby thinks that she saw Elvis bag her groceries at the squishy mart last week. Ooops that is right it was published in the lastest tabloid. I guess that one don't count, but you ge the idea. Maybe Bush called thepshyic hot line to see if it was going to be a good day to invade Irac. How silly, but how much truth is to it? The sad part of this whole posting is that these are main stream news articles.

Well I guess it is time for me to go take my blood pressure pills before I blow a vessel. So I recommend you stay in doors, and only read on the internet or big brother might get the idea that this is going to become illegal too!

That is just my opinion and I may be wrong!

From The Big Ape

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Kyle said...

Usually those type of court cases are news we get fed from down south stateside -- not north of the 49th.