Monday, December 21, 2009

So What Is Happening In The Jungle?

So tell me oh wise one what has been happening in the jungle that has kept you away for so long? Well folks believe it or not the old ape has got busy. We are proud to announce that there has been a new addition added to our pack so that is where some of my time has been going. You know daddy time and outings outside. Also I have been busy at the production company. I had just completed a project with great success. My first run with one of my new pieces of software, so it was a bit trying as it was a learning curve, but none the less we did a bang up job and the customer was more then happy so on all accounts Big Ape Productions is now going to move forward. I have already got another job lined up for the new year. Amazingly enough I have just scored a line on another photographer that is willing to promote our VHS to DVD and Slide show production work. So if you ever need a good photo studio go check out SC Photos and they will take care of you for sure.

The weight loss you are wondering... how is the weight loss going well no news is good news. I have been hovering off and with a 1.5KG gain and loss so I consider that as a plateau so in all perspectives, I am hanging in there considering what time of year it is.

So with my Christmas shopping complete and travel plans finalized we are officially ready for the festive season. We are heading up to my sisters Christmas Morning spend the day with her and my Brother-in-law in Brooks, and then home boxing day to get ready for Mel to return back to work Sunday. No rest for the weary they

Here is a couple of pictures of our new addition. Her name is Libby. She is a retired breeder dog. She is 7 years old and the kennel we acquired her from was looking for a for ever home for her in her retirement. She is an absolute sweet heart as you will see.

Well time waits for no one. It is my time to get back to a few final things getting ready for the old boy with the white beard. Enough out of the peanut gallery I only have a goatee..hehehehehehe Anyway we will send Christmas wishes a bit later until then.....

Remember Santa only comes once a year, aren't you glad you are not him.....

Until next time
From the big ape

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suZen said...

Hey there! What a precious addition! She seems very lovey and cuddly! Good for you guys! My little baby had ACL surgery and has a cast on his rear leg - has required a lot of carrying so I'm glad he is only 20 lbs!

Sounds like a busy, but in a good way, time for you! Glad everything is going well with your productions/business. I hope you both have a joyous, sparkly holiday time!