Sunday, June 21, 2009

Becareful What You Wish For!

Well I would like to start off by wishing all the fathers out there a happy fathers day! I always get nervous on this day as I am not sure what wild seeds might come back to roost from my younger years. Actually I think I am pretty safe. When I was out their harvesting my wild oats I was sure to wear my rubber boots. I was a good farmer... Lol

Anyway as for the title the Canadian Government wants to ram another bill down our throats allowing them to be able to obtain your information from your cell phone ie. calls being recorded, and email information including what you write. Now there is a double edge to this sword. It is going to cost your providers whether it be internet or telephone a whole bunch of money to ramp up to do this . It is going to force the small providers out of business as the cost of doing business is going to out weigh what you are going to get as a benefit. Also we as customers are going to be on the hook for the cost of doing such an upgrade so it is a lose, lose proposition for we as customers.

The law enforcement agencies can approach a provider and under the "preservation order" obtain what you write or say. Call me an alarmist, I think this is a very slippery slope! Not only can they obtain what you have said or written they can get a court order to continue to receive it for 90 more days. Now I know I can hear you now if you have done nothing wrong what is your problem? Well again I don't believe that all law enforcement members are always on the up and up. Sorry I guess it has been that 10 years working in the court houses as a reporter. PEOPLE there is dirty cops out there! If you happen to beat a ticket, and piss off an officer who is to say he cannot fabricate a story present it to a judge, and get what he wants. I also don't think that all judges are perfect either. That code of "the wall of blue" blankets them too. Just look at that fiasco of the Polish gentleman getting tasered at the Vancouver airport. There has been a sea of lies in that case!

So in a day of people Twittering, Facebooking, Texting, Emailing, along with using their cell phone more then we ever have before we are now going to have to go back to days of actually talking to people face to face. That means people will actually go visit people again. Not like the teenagers of today that text each other when they are in the same room. You laugh, but I have seen this first hand. I think maybe the art of speaking maybe has just been thrown a life line. So before it is too late go text, fax, email, or call (LOL) your MP and tell him/her that the "preservation order" needs to die.

Until next time remember life is sexually transmitted. I hope all the fathers have the day they are hoping for.

From The Big Ape

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