Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Run away Devil Makes It Big In Medicine Hat

Well as the people of Medicine Hat silently mourn the loss off 3 people in a quite neighborhood in their city. The neighbors feel uneasy, the little boy across the street will never get that picture out of his head on that fateful day. Law-enforcement will sleep very uneasy for many years seeing those bludgeoned bodies of the two parents not to mention the poor little brother that had his head pealed off his head like a hard boiled egg. Now the boy friend sits in an Alberta jail getting to relax on the tax payers dollar boasting he set Alberta history for the youngest murder. Now that in my mind is not something to be proud of! Now the 12 year old has skated through the system making the occasional appearance in front of the court she has a 3 step system in front of the parole board asking a graduated visits to banks, malls, exposure to the general population. It sounds good, and they say she is a low risk to offend. It sounds good when Charles Manson won't re-offend either, but he is certainly not up for boy scout of the year award. Now the only thing I can say the run away devil did was pull the wool over the tax payers eyes. She was the puppet master in a very twisted tail. Her over hormone boy toy danced as she pulled his strings. Now her brain has been untwisted like yesterdays laundry. Now she is crazy like a fox walking them through everything they want to here so when she turns 22 she can jump out in the big bad world non the wiser ready to carry on her life as she knows it untouched, unmarred. Do you want her looking after her children in a daycare? Do you want to maybe want her teaching your child as a grade school teacher? I am not sure about you , but I would say no! Anyway it is time to jump on the parole board, your members of parliament, and say we have to say no to the The Run Away Child. It needs a second look and tighten up an already broken system.


Hail hail our premier is stepping down. So what does that mean? Has he out lived his usefulness? Who can we bring in to fill his shoes? So many questions so little time! How much time are we going to before we will be going to the poles now? What will this person need to do. What trait above being smarter then fast Eddy with this person need? Personally a drunk from the stroll could do better then what fast Eddy did. We need a common person, someone that can relate to the people. There is other people with an agenda that they want see meet so do we sleep with enemy and take another chance? Or jump headlong into something like the Alberta Party. Or you can totally regress and vote liberal or NDP. The key here is just get out and vote when the time comes.

Well I think it is time I wander back into the frozen north and enjoy the world as we know it!